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If you want to advertise on your car and earn up to £200 per month, visit Use That Space and apply today

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What is Car Advertising?

Want to know how vehicle graphics are applied? Watch this video courtesy of Avery

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Read our insights into the world of car advertising and starting up a business

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Brought to you by Tom and James from Use That Space. We hope to use this blog to give readers an insight into the world of outdoor advertising, in particular advertising on vehicles. We will also use it to share our experiences in starting a business.

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Car Advertising: the cheapest medium available today

I believe that car wrapping is one of the most impactful media available to advertisers.This is just opinion of course. What cannot be disputed, is that when you consider the number of people who will see advertising on a car, it is easily the cheapest medium available.3M undertook a study* to find out the ‘cost […]